Remote Control Convenience

The FreyPlayer remote control software is an iPad application used to operate and control the FreyPlayer digital music player running on a host Apple Macintosh computer.

Sit back in your favorite listening chair and control your system with the power and convenience of the FreyPlayer Remote Control !!

Note: The FreyPlayer Remote Control application must be upgraded to version 2.0 to work with FreyPlayer Version 4.0 and beyond !!!!

Remote Control - iPad

Control from your iPad

After local area network communication is established between the remote control and the host player, operational control of the FreyPlayer application can be accomplished through use of the remote control application.

Generally speaking, the remote control application serves as a proxy to the host FreyPlayer. The FreyPlayer host is controlled by sending commands from the remoteĀ  control to the host application.

Operational controls include browsing the music library, music selection, search functions, and use of all playback controls, including track selection, playback scheduling to the PlayQueue, PlayQueue manipulation, and play, pause, stop, skip forward, skip backward, mute, and repeat functions.

The FreyPlayer Remote Control version 2.0 must be used with FreyPlayer Version 4.0.

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