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Change History - FreyPlayer

Changes in Version 7.5

  • Introduced option to Mute and Unmute tracks

Changes in Version 7.4

  • Added Dither option to the Create Burn Folder function
  • Fixed folding mono stream to stereo stream
  • Changed the Trim Function (normalization) to calculate on entire song rather than SE
  • Changed "trim" to "Normalize" in menus

Changes in Version 7.3

  • Added Validate Library function
  • Added validate media files function
  • Fixed bug related to clearing the display header for Stop operation

Changes in Version 7.1

  • Introduced Library Autosave

Changes in Version 7.0

  • Update for Catalina, enable 3rd part plugins to be loaded, Library Validation Checks
  • Requires High Sierra (10.13)

Changes in Version 6.0

  • Update for Mojave

Changes in Version 5.4

  • Minor Usability Changes
  • Improved Window Title Content
  • Put dBFS in the title bar

Changes in Version 5.3.1

  • Limit message log entries to 30 days
  • Enable global trim buttons when search bar has focus
  • Updated titles in main UI
  • Defer termination when DB Rebuild is in progress

Changes in Version 5.3

  • Fixed crash resulting from large message log
  • Limit message log entries to 30 days

Changes in Version 5.2

  • Added option to allow duplicate track imports to the library
  • Minor fixes to playlist sub menus

Changes in Version 5.1

  • Grey out “Create Playlist From PlayQueue” when there is no play queue
  • Introduced Hog Mode for the streaming browser
  • Improved Lock hold timeouts
  • More descriptive window titles

Changes in Version 5.0

  • Sorted names of the AU Plugins
  • Allow the import of mono core audio files
  • Put stack trace in the message log
  • Added trim and AU search actions to the View menu
  • Save and Restore primary UI divider settings
  • Prohibited Tool Tip on player controls while player is stopped or streaming
  • Cleansed song title of invalid characters when creating a burn folder
  • Added "Generate Track Numbers" method to all album objects in the UI
  • Added the "No Fade" fade time preference
  • Added User Notifications
  • Fixed error in progress bar processing when bar is clicked without marker movement
  • Added "Mixed" state to track auto-trim pull down menu
  • Changed User Preferences hot key to cmd-,
  • Changed hot keys for Show Next and Show Previous AUs to cmd-> and cmd-<
  • Removed user preference for auto-trim

Changes in Version 4.5.4

  • Corrected layout problem in the "Currently Playing" window
  • Corrected bug in the handling of trim attenuation across multiple staged extents

Changes in Version 4.5.3

  • Introduced the "Currently Playing" window

Changes in Version 4.5.2

  • Minor UI Enhancements

Changes in Version 4.5.1

  • Fixed a bug causing an endless loop (hang) when fading near the end of a track
  • Added the "Truncate Play Queue" function
  • Enabled continuous tracking for progress slider
  • Triggered trim fading when moving the progress slider

Changes in Version 4.5

  • Added ability to import media files from a CD volume
  • Added preference for moving media files to a user selected directory prior to import
  • Added fade time preference
  • Fixed a bug resulting in a crash when attempting to import a media file with 0 samples
  • Fixed a potential deadlock when playback of a track is initiated at the end of a track already playing

Changes in Version 4.4.6

  • Made menu items inactive if they are out of context
  • Made change to update progress bar values when player is paused

Changes in Version 4.4.5

  • Improved processing for "Generate Track Numbers" function

Changes in Version 4.4.4

  • Improved WAV file processing
  • Added "Continuous Play" user preference

Changes in Version 4.4.3

  • Better support for generating track numbers

Changes in Version 4.4.2

  • Added support for migration from Sandboxed version of the application
  • Minor bug fixes

Changes in Version 4.4.1

  • Minor bug fixes

Changes in Version 4.4

  • Added “Check For Updates” function

Changes in Version 4.3

  • Added ability to replace album tracks from the album display list (and generate track numbers)
  • Changed the player to prevent controls from being shown when the player is stopped
  • Introduced the ability to prevent (override) the -18 dBFS trim for user selected tracks
  • Added credits to the About panel
  • Corrected window background color processing for Sierra
  • Added number of Tidal Links to FreyPlayer Stats panel

Changes in Version 4.2

  • Added UI display for albums with no cover art
  • Added search string to display albums and songs with configured AU plugins
  • Added cmd-/ hot key for search refresh function
  • Improved locking performance on delete from play queue to avoid disruption of play for long queues.

Changes in Version 4.1.1

  • Added capability to retrieve album cover art for all albums in the library
  • Locking improvements (Contention Relief, Performance)

Changes in Version 4.1

  • Added player control option to trim library tracks to -18 dBFS
  • Removed cmd-P from pull down menus
  • On import, used file path components to generate artist and album names when metadata does not exist

Changes in Version 4.0

  • FreyPlayer v4.0 requires MacOS Sierra 10.12 or later
  • Added Tidal Service Link to Album Info panel
  • Made a change to display peak dbfs value for every track extent
  • Introduced display of aggregate time duration in song detail window title
  • Changed the hot key for shuffle play to *
  • Added "option" modifier key to AU bypass and transient buttons to operate on multiple AUs
  • Made change to ensure the Tidal service link is copied when creating a playlist from album
  • Added support to initiate the player streaming engine when the user launches the Tidal service
  • Added fast forward and fast reverse player controls
  • Added support to create persistent AU settings for albums for streaming
  • Made the album art image in the album getInfo panel and active launch key to the web
  • Reduced the fade time for pause, resume, stop, etc.
  • Fixed potential hang condition when deleting large number of songs from an album
  • Added object targets to all menu item actions to ensure correct object is targeted
  • Added track extent average dbfs (RMS) value to player status on primary UI
  • Remote Control application must be upgraded to v2.0 with FreyPlayer 4.0

Changes in Version 3.2

  • Fixed audio glitch when playback of a track is first initiated
  • Re-established version number in the “About” panel

Changes in Version 3.1

  • Added capability to launch Tidal streaming service from a URL link in an album
  • Added "Artist on the Web" action to album image in album display area
  • Cmd-4 now displays albums that contain Tidal service links
  • Added capability to add empty albums to the search index
  • Added preference for black background for library display area, and made black the default
  • Added File and Edit menus... Enabled text copy, paste, dictation, etc
  • Removed cmd-p from album pull down menu for CD print, to not confuse with standard print hot key
  • Fixed a bug in import preference

Changes in Version 3.0

  • Introduced media streaming from the MacOS Default Sound Input device !!!
  • Added input and output device names to the primary UI
  • Improved log messages when AU plugin chain fails to initialize because an AU plug-in does not support floating point format
  • Improved error messages on invalid hot keys
  • Enabled space bar hot key for play/pause
  • Introduced colors for severity text field in log message
  • Added the number of media buffer extents to player status
  • Introduced the FreyPlayer Stats panel
  • Increased lock timeout values to prevent deadlock error detection on staging big files with large buffer sizes
  • Introduced checking for compatible versions of the remote control application (Note: Upgrade of the Remote Control application to v1.2 is required for use with FreyPlayer v3.0)
  • Added audio unit quick-look buttons to preferences window
  • Added audio unit bypass buttons to the preferences window
  • Introduced cmd-return hot key to display preference settings
  • Eliminated the mute delay at the end of song (when song is over and player being stopped)
  • Eliminated the "d" hot key from song view and detail view
  • Added proper delete key (hot key) to album displays and cleaned up hot keys on list views
  • Added hot keys for Mute/Unmute and Repeat on/off
  • Added web lookup for artist (album pull down)
  • Added action button to display the play queue in the UI header
  • Fixed a bug that causes a hang condition when a FLAC file is not found
  • Made changes to allow media files with sparse ID3 metadata to be imported to the library
  • Made change to record a new album import date for any new song added to an album via import

Changes in Version 2.1 - MacOS Sierra Update

  • Compatibility with MacOS Sierra
  • Fixes for Primary UI scrolling on Sierra
  • Optimizations for Sierra
  • Removed open source frameworks that were incompatible with Sierra
  • Added purchase key for validation of purchase from app store
  • Better alert messages for edit song properties

Changes in Version 2.0

  • Added FreyPlayer iPad Remote Control support
  • Changed behavior of search to not be scoped by current content in the display
  • Fixed memory overlay bug in staging FLAC media files
  • Changed the staging and decode of FLAC files so that only relevant file extents are decoded - performance and scale improvements
  • Corrected error in burn folder processing to ensure track edits and re-ordering are burned correctly
  • Fixed bug in burn folder processing for tracks with multiple extents
  • Improved buffer space limit calculation
  • Introduced export and import of user preferences file
  • Added 4 additional AU Plug-in slots
  • Introduced the “transient” AU Plug-in attribute for plug-ins that should not be persisted with the player preferences or track metadata

Changes in Version 1.3

  • Added tool tips for most action buttons
  • Fixed bug where album art was not committed properly on a paste
  • Library locking improvements - Performance
  • Fixed primary window width error when track titles are long
  • Fixed out of range condition for message log display
  • Corrected count of message log entries when filters are on
  • Fixed potential deadlock in track staging operation
  • Fixed bug in list view drag and drop after a delayed mouse event
  • Fixed version number in feedback email subject

Changes in Version 1.2

  • Introduced support for 30 day trial version
  • Added multi selection for import of media files to library
  • Added option to import media files when application is launched and library is empty
  • Corrected album mouse-over behavior to ensure action buttons are displayed and enabled only when an album is displayed
  • Added new playlist album mouse over button

Changes in Version 1.1

  • Implemented List View and Album Display Area as a proper table views, with variable width columns, reordered columns, proper drag and drop, and multiple row selection
  • Added drag and drop support for creating and adding to playlists
  • Added WAV file support
  • Added ability to edit song properties, to compensate for missing or errant ID3 tags
  • Cleaned up web url construction, accounting for potential bad characters in titles and artist strings
  • Provided option to commit reordering changes to playlist albums
  • Added control for displaying playlist albums in the side bar view
  • Added “mouse-over” convenience buttons on album images in the Library Display Area
  • Font changes in list view and album display views
  • Added “repeat” play queue mode for the player
  • Added “repeat” and “mute” indicators in the player status area of the primary UI
  • Bit length added to track get info panel
  • Scroll to playing track (List view) when view is first displayed
  • Play the imported song on file open, even when only song file location is updated
  • Registered music file types so that finder will list the the FreyPlayer app as an option for music file open
  • Fixed bug in display album processing
  • Provided Hot keys for creating new playlists
  • Multiple row selection for list view hot keys
  • Better alert messaging when a plug in fails to load
  • Better overall alert messages
  • Added album art to track detail list view rows
  • Removed the separate search results window, consolidated into detail table view
  • Changed cmd-4 hot key in menu to display the message log
  • Highlighted search string words in search list view
  • Added a Suppress Confirmation Alerts user preference
  • Added Delete hot key for song delete in album display view
  • Changed message log status indicator, and integrated on message log window
  • Added FreyPlayer hash tags to Mac console log messages
  • Added ability to launch Mac system console log from message log
  • Added state indicators to color choice menu items
  • Added FreyPlayer version number to the entries written to console log
  • Made sure track numbers were adjusted for album conversion to a playlist
  • Removed distinct edit track tag data function, since we now have edit properties
  • Fixed problem where reordered playlists were not being displayed properly in list view after drag and drop
  • Made sure to update playlist cache on convert to and from playlist/album
  • Fixed bug causing search results to go away when list view window is closed

Version 1.0

  • First Release


Change History - FreyPlayer Remote Control

Changes in Version 2.1

  • Minor stability and performance improvements

Changes in Version 2.0

  • Updated to generation 3 for changes in SE related to average dbfs 

Changes in Version 1.2

  • Added Media Source control for the FreyPlayer streaming support
  • Added version compatibility checking to ensure the level of remote control function is compatible with the version of the target FreyPlayer application
  • FreyPlayer Remote Control version 1.2 is a required upgrade for use with FreyPlayer v3.0 and later

Changes in Version 1.1

  • Activated return key on last segment of IP address on connection panel
  • Closed connection window before during establishing connection, to avoid sending alert to a window that is closing
  • Forced table view reloadData to complete before scrolling to ensure scrolling to current content

Version 1.0

  • First Release


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