High Fidelity Playback

Up to 384kHz/32bit; AIFF, FLAC, AAC, ALAC, WAV, and MP3 stereo formats; High Fidelity Resampling up to 384kHz; Studio-Grade Audio Unit Plug-in Support; Faded Pause, Resume, Mute, and UnMute

Robust Library System

No Dependency on iTunes; Audio Unit Plug-in Settings for Individual Tracks; Automatic Gapless Playback; In-Memory, Multiple Extent Buffering; Metadata Tag Editing;  Album Cover Art Processing;

Performance and Reliability

No Dependency on iTunes; In-Memory Buffering; Album Art Prefetching and Caching; Fast Library Search; Multi-Threaded Execution; In-Memory Library Indexing; Integrated Message Log; Library Backup and Restore;


  1. High Definition Playback up to 384kHz/32 Bit
  2. Streaming Feature (Stream from other audio applications)
  3. Tidal Links (Link albums in the library to Tidal Service Catalog)
  4. AIFF, FLAC, AAC, ALAC, WAV, and MP3 Stereo Formats
  5. Selectable Real Time Resampling up to 384kHz
  6. Fast Library Search functions (Display Scoped)
  7. Shuffle play (Album, Displayed Library, List Views)
  8. Audio Unit Signal Processor Plug-in Support (Per Track, Per Album, For Player)
  9. Optional Auto-Trim to -18dBFS
  10. Gapless Playback
  11. No Dependency on iTunes
  12. FreyPlayer Remote Control
  13. Integrated Web Search for Song Lyrics
  14. Library Sort Options (By Artist, By Album, By Recently Imported)
  15. Plays Music on Network Volumes
  16. Import Song Files from CD
  17. Familiar "iTunes-like" UI Layout and Navigation
  18. Faded Pause/Resume/Stop/Mute
  19. User-Defined Track and Album Tagging for Search
  20. CD Burn Folders
  21. Track Rating
  22. Display for "Recently Imported" Songs
  23. Album Cover Art Processing
  24. Playlists (just another type of Album)
  25. Scalable Design for Large Libraries
  26. In-Memory (multiple buffer) Track Staging
  27. Integrated Message/Error Logging
  28. Track Metadata Tag Editor
  29. User Selectable Buffer Space Limits
  30. High Performance Scrollable Library UI
  31. Automatic Sample Rate Switching
  32. Supports all Core Audio compatible DACs, SoundCards, Audio Interfaces
  33. Free e-mail Based Support