High Fidelity Playback

Up to 192kHz/32bit; AIFF, FLAC, AAC, ALAC, WAV, and MP3 stereo formats; High Fidelity Resampling up to 192kHz; Studio-Grade Audio Unit Plug-in Support; Faded Pause, Resume, Mute, and UnMute

Robust Library System

No Dependency on other music players; Audio Unit Plug-in Settings for Individual Tracks; Automatic Gapless Playback; In-Memory, Multiple Extent Buffering; Metadata Tag Editing;  Album Cover Art Processing;

Performance and Reliability

No Dependency on other music players; In-Memory Buffering; Album Art Prefetching and Caching; Fast Library Search; Multi-Threaded Execution; In-Memory Library Indexing; Integrated Message Log; Library Backup and Restore

The Sound Is Superb

FreyPlayer is a powerful, audiophile grade digital music player, providing high fidelity playback and features high end stereo enthusiasts appreciate. 

FreyPlayer offers the the best in high resolution playback, high definition resampling, digital signal processing plug-in support, and a powerful yet simple user interface.

With FreyPlayer's audio unit plug-in support, you can take advantage of the best plug-in software available and save away track specific adjustments in the FreyPlayer library.

So go ahead, do a little "remastering" of your favorite music. Then sit back, and enjoy music the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Music Never Sounded So Good